Woodturning events for young people


Mark Baker

Monday, July 25, 2011

It’s funny how stories relayed in the past come back and get commented on many years later. About 6-7 years ago, in the magazine, I wrote about my daughters staging a revolt against the perceived lack of pay for clearing up my workshop and the ensuing negotiations to try and get them to continue said duties. At the time it caused a lot of hilarity and was mentioned many times in demos and at events. I was teased something rotten about it. The children – actually 20 and 17 year olds now – still comment on the food parcels of sweets they had sent to them from kind-hearted readers who thought I was mean.

Well, there was a distinct sense on déjà vu this weekend when that very story was echoed by two other turners’ experiences. Not only was there a pay revolt over the cleaning, they were also trying to get their grandchildren in the workshop and do something other than Facebook, computer games and xbox. Does that one sound familiar? Well, it seems that many are having similar problems and at the time of my pay dispute with my children it was acknowledged back then that it was something to get children into the workshop at all, even if it is only clearing up.

I know there have been some excellent events for young people and indeed the scouts are staging such events too, these are marvelous and get people interested or at least show them what turning is, and long may these continue and grow. Were it not for the hard work and of the people organising them these would not happen. So a big pat on the back to all who organise such events and thank you from me. Click here to access youth training events from the AWGB and here to find out more about woodturning options offered by the Scouts.

It would be good to hear what you and your club are doing to encourage the younger turners to have a go too.

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