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Multi-Coloured Dust Shop


Mark Baker

28 July 2011

I was in a workshop the other day turning some projects. It was one of those hot and humid days where no matter what I did, the skin felt clammy. I must admit to hating that sensation, it just doesn’t feel pleasant. I was working on some boxes and vases using various timbers and stopped for a coffee ...

Woodturning events for young people


Mark Baker

25 July 2011

It’s funny how stories relayed in the past come back and get commented on many years later. About 6-7 years ago, in the magazine, I wrote about my daughters staging a revolt against the perceived lack of pay for clearing up my workshop and the ensuing negotiations to try and get them to continue sai ...

Upcoming Norwegian Cruise


Mark Baker

20 July 2011

Once again we have a condensed magazine cycle this issue and that is due to my going on holiday soon. Two weeks on the Norwegian woodturning cruise is a lovely thought and I am looking forward to it, but as someone pointed out it will be a busman’s holiday as I will be woodturning for 10 of those da ...

The Great Yorkshire Show


Mark Baker

13 July 2011

I have just got back from Harrogate, where I was invited to be the judge for the Woodturning competition at the Great Yorkshire Show. This was my first time visiting the show and WOW, what a show it is. Whilst it is an agricultural show where everything connected with the countryside from animals of ...

New media survey


Mark Baker

8 July 2011

The march of development is relentless and the rise in the online aspects of our lives continues at a pace that is quite boggling. Holidays, flights, cars, houses – all manner of shopping and so on – can be bought online. In some cases you can only obtain certain products online and then there are t ...

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