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Mark Baker

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time is squeezed for this production cycle due to my going to the USA at the end of next week. Even though there is all that time spent in airports, security check ins, and travelling to and from such places with potential hold ups and delays, which can be a real pain in the proverbial, l I still get such a buzz from the fact it is a new experience. I must admit that as I get older, I don’t recover from such trips as quickly as I used to, but even that doesn’t diminish the thrill of meeting people and seeing new things.

My one regret is that even though I have been fortunate to go to so many places, I rarely get a chance to see anything of the surrounding areas. I reach a place usually in passing to the location I am meant to be at and think “What a nice place, I really would like to see more.” I end up at the address needed, do what I need to do and am then off again with nothing more than a fleeting moment and another place crossed off the list. I am not complaining, but the list of places to go back and see is long and the funds and time to do so are so short. I know many will know those sentiments.

I must admit to having always had a hankering to visit the Far East – China, Thailand and Japan to be exact, but anywhere in that vicinity would be wonderfull, too. Ever since I was a lad I have wondered at the pictures and films of the architecture, culture, the scenery and the way of life. These countries have certainly influenced my work over the years and it would be nice to go and see them for real. My bank manager doesn’t agree and says that I ought to look closer to home like Bury St Edmunds or Maldon – and although they are beautiful places and well worth visiting, that hankering to visit the Far East doesn’t diminish with the years. You never know; one day it may be possible.

In addition to the travelling we of course had the recent launch of the apps for the magazines. People who like to view things on computers and iPads are taking to these very well and are already asking about the next stage of development. As you can see it is all go for us but very exciting.

For those who don’t know about the new apps here are the details:

Available for: All our woodworking magazines: Woodturning, Woodworking Plans & Projects, Woodcarving and Woodworking Plans & Projects.

Available from: Download as an app on either device, or as an online magazine via the Pocketmags website, for those who don"t have access to these devices. You can either purchase the app through the app store, via itunes or from the Pocketmags website.

Benefits: Gives you access to various interactive elements, such as added image galleries and videos, all of which greatly enhance your viewing experience.

Prices: Prices: Intro offer - £1.79; usual price - £2.99 (subscription deals also available for each magazine)

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