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A teaser from the AAW Symposium


Mark Baker

30 June 2011

Well, I am back and jet lagged; I am still on USA time but this is the only downside of the trip. I have had an excellent time. There is still a load of work to do on the DVD and book; I have to rewrite sections of it and sort out some illustrations, all of which I hope will make life easier for the ...

Filming: Day 3


Mark Baker

23 June 2011

Day two of filming went according to schedule, and as with day one, the script was adjusted when omissions were spotted or if there was a rethink on how best to do something. So, it’s day three now and I need to have the filming complete today. There is one more technique and the projects to film an ...

Filming: Day 2


Mark Baker

22 June 2011

It remains hot and humid in Florida. Having been inside working I have escaped any sunburn, so no lobster coloured head – yet. Day 1 of filming was hectic and tiring. The mental picture of how far I thought we would get was off by some way, and I must admit to having been very pensive and oh so tire ...

Hello from Florida


Mark Baker

21 June 2011

It is hot, sunny and very humid here in Florida and as soon as I walked out from the apartment early this morning the heat was like a physical assault. The news gives warnings on how long a person can in the sun without sunscreen during the day and at 9 o’clock this morning it was 8 minutes – which  ...

Woodturning Solo


Tegan Foley

17 June 2011

Hello there, As many of you no doubt already know, Mark flew out today to film a DVD in Florida. He’s away for 2 weeks so I’m hoping that nothing goes wrong while he’s away! After the DVD has been filmed, he’s flying out to Minnesota to the 25th anniversary AAW symposium, which looks set to be a fan ...

Grumpy Old Man


Mark Baker

15 June 2011

It’s official, I can be called a grumpy old man. I have been ribbed something chronic over my recent rails and rants recently. A few people have said I am turning into a grumpy old man and chuckled when saying it. And we had a good old chunter about my musings on peoples’ false perceptions of and th ...

Getting ready for the AAW Symposium


Mark Baker

8 June 2011

Time is squeezed for this production cycle due to my going to the USA at the end of next week. Even though there is all that time spent in airports, security check ins, and travelling to and from such places with potential hold ups and delays, which can be a real pain in the proverbial, l I still ge ...

Table & chairs overhaul


Mark Baker

2 June 2011

You know when you have things planned out and it all goes to rats? Well, that is what happened this weekend. The overhaul of the table turned out to be an overhaul of the table and 8 chairs, and they are still not finished, so we aim to finish them off this weekend. It is surprising that no matter h ...

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