What A Week


Mark Baker

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well, what a week it has been so far. The passing of Bert Marsh on Sunday night was a great loss to the worldwide community of turners. He and his work have been an inspiration to thousands of turners. Over the coming issues we will be looking at what Bert has done and also how he has influenced turners around the world – a wonderful and rich legacy indeed.

I mentioned that I was going fly fishing last weekend and what a wonderful day it was. I got the line caught in the trees, grass and my shirt more than once, but by the end of the day I had caught three rainbow trout – we ate those on Sunday with some new potatoes and asparagus – and quadrupled my casting distance with very few catches and mistakes by the end of it. Now for more practice to cast even further – handy for when there is a need – and learn the nuances of when to use a floater and sinker and the subtleties of stealth and softer landings for the fly line – large splashes don’t do anything to help catch the shy fish. I mentioned learning fly fishing would be akin to learning to turn or any other new hobby; there are always things to learn and whilst the rudimentary basics might be picked up quickly, we need time practising to learn the subtleties and refine the techniques to make us truly adept.

The current top 10 most requested cries for help – listed in no particular order are:

1. How do I sharpen tools?

2. What does bevel rubbing mean and how do I know if I am doing it correctly?

3. What finish should I use?

4. How do I convert short logs to useable turning timber?

5. What’s the best way to remove torn grain in my work?

6. When sanding should I have the work running at a high or low speed?

7. Do you have to have a chuck to turn?

8. Why do my box lids not fit soon after I have turned them?

9. How can I start creating hollow forms without spending too much money?

10. What’s the best lathe to buy?

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