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Mark Baker

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I was fortunate enough to be asked to go to the Dublin Woodturners’ seminar last weekend. I have to say that I had a brilliant time there; some of the work being produced is simply amazing. You can learn more about the Dublin chapter by visiting their website.

Seminars are, in my opinion, brilliant events to go to. Yes, they cost some money; yes, it requires a bit of travelling to get to them, but the chance to sit and see a variety of people turn various things and share how they create things and how they work and why they work they way they do. Yes, you can catch snapshots of what someone does at other events such as open days and shows, but you cannot always sit down, and often it is only for a brief few moments. It is not the same.

Most events are often attended by the same people, time and time again, and there must be something for them there or they would not attend. I’ll grant you there is a bit of fluctuation – I can almost bank on seeing some people at certain events and love catching up with them all – but it is not necessarily as high as some suggest or would like to believe.

What will make the seminars more appealing to you? Please don’t say making them free. People should know full well that they take a lot of organisation and that they cost significant amounts of money to stage, and often then it is touch and go as to whether they break even.

I hear that the Woodworks@Daventry show was a great event too.

I am sorry that I couldn’t be there, but have yet to master the ability to be in two places at once, although I try regularly to achieve such as state of being. It would be immensely helpful.

Also, don’t forget the AWGB Seminar that is coming up in August.

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