A Nice Long Weekend


Mark Baker

Friday, May 27, 2011

It is official - I am a numpty. At the start of the week I have been booking meetings for Monday and only on Wednesday evening was I told it was a Bank Holiday. I wasn’t the only one to not realise either and had people confirm that they would be available for the meetings on Monday. How sad is that?

So, with the extra day off – I still have the same workload, just one day less to do it in – and I have been ordered to finish off the kitchen! I can’t complain; I have been slacking and it is only the cooker hood, the splash back and the painting still to do. I haven’t said anything but the painting won’t get done this weekend. A friend of mine has a table that needs overhauling and repairing, too.

I often mention how things get in the way of us having workshop time, and this is a prime example. You have some time and something comes along that fills that gap plus some more time. No fishing for me this week. I want to go fly fishing again; I definitely have the bug for it now.

I am off to the USA to attend the AAW symposium next month and am very excited. I love going and it is a true wonder to see the rotations, exhibits and pieces of work that are on display. It is almost a case of brain overload with everything you see and hear, and then of course the attendees have to pick and choose what demonstrations they are to see, and since there are over 200 rotations, that alone is a real headache, but so much fun. Don’t forget the AWGB seminar is coming up soon in August as well. It is only held once every two years and that event is also a delight to attend. Are you going to either of these events?

Have a good weekend and I will catch up with you next week.


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