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A Nice Long Weekend


Mark Baker

27 May 2011

It is official - I am a numpty. At the start of the week I have been booking meetings for Monday and only on Wednesday evening was I told it was a Bank Holiday. I wasn’t the only one to not realise either and had people confirm that they would be available for the meetings on Monday. How sad is that ...

What A Week


Mark Baker

26 May 2011

Well, what a week it has been so far. The passing of Bert Marsh on Sunday night was a great loss to the worldwide community of turners. He and his work have been an inspiration to thousands of turners. Over the coming issues we will be looking at what Bert has done and also how he has influenced tur ...

New Technology


Mark Baker

20 May 2011

The weekend is upon us and I have to make two trophies – one is for a golfing tournament and the other is for a fishing tournament . I have a couple of ideas in mind, but that is my Saturday taken up, well in part. I am trying something new as well on Saturday – I am going fly-fishing. Most people k ...

Taking Inspiration From Nature


Mark Baker

17 May 2011

The decent weather is upon us and the turners and carvers seem to migrate form their workshops and get in the garden, days out (when the weather is good), holidays and time out with the children and grand children. It also seems that very little is being created in the workshop during this time. But ...

The Topic Of seminars


Mark Baker

10 May 2011

I was fortunate enough to be asked to go to the Dublin Woodturners’ seminar last weekend. I have to say that I had a brilliant time there; some of the work being produced is simply amazing. You can learn more about the Dublin chapter by visiting their website. Seminars are, in my opinion, brilliant  ...

A Truly Inspirational Visit


Tegan Foley

5 May 2011

Good morning, I wanted to blog today and tell you all about my fantastic trip to St Dunstan’s yesterday. It has left me feeling truly humbled and also in awe of some of the fantastic people I met there, namely forum member, Bill Mooney. For those of you who haven’t already heard about this fantastic ...

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