Where do you get your inspiration from?


Mark Baker

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The bank/public holiday is here and since I finished the roof, tidied the garden and sorted out all the other odd jobs that had accumulated, I am planning to do diddly-squat this weekend. I will be walking, taking some photos of things that take my interest and it won’t be so hot this weekend, so I won’t burn my head like I did last weekend! I know, I should wear sun cream or a hat. The breeze was blowing, I misjudged the strength of the sun, didn’t feel the burn and then… well you know the story. I should have learned by now.

That said, I got some wonderful photos of flowers, trees, leaves, dirt, pebbles, sand, moss, ferns and all manner of other things found in the garden. These go into my visual reference folder and become fodder when looking for ideas for shape, colour, texture and so on. Do you keep a book or computer file with your sketches, photos, notes on things seen and ideas? If you do not keep such a thing, why do you not? It costs nothing and is so valuable. I have found that unless I make a record of something I like, I find that over time I do not have total recall and forget what it was I saw and have but a vague remembrance of something but am never fully sure of what. The book or file jogs the memory nicely and is there when I need it.

Why not have a look at the work of:

Wharton Escherick

Marilyn Campbell

Peter Archer

Edward Johnson

John Davies

Ward World Championships

Where do you think the people mentioned get their ideas? I bet they have sketches and photos a plenty with their ideas .

Have a great weekend everyone. I will be back again on Tuesday.


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