Spring Has Sprung


Mark Baker

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The sun is shining and it is hot today – unseasonably so, but lovely none the less. I must admit to liking the seasons of spring and the autumn best of all. But in Spring one has the new life, the colours and forms of all the plants; the vibrancy of life is just so wonderful and, of course, this fresh life and burst of colour and form is a brilliant source material for ideas, etc. There is one other factor that I love with spring, although this does not translate into turning, and that is one of the scent and smell of the new growth and flowers. Other than the peppery smell of the wood when we work with it – although there is the occasional sweet scented ones such as raspberry jam wood and lignum vitae, to name but two – and wood does smell different whether it is wet or dry, we do not get the wonderful scents of flowers, leaves and mown-wet grass. The colours, sight, sound and smell of things are powerful memory enhancers and if one takes the time to look, I am sure you will find inspiration in what you are able to see but it is important to look.

Have a look at Andi Wolfe’s site. She takes a lot of her inspiration from nature.

Jacques Vesery not only looks at closely and has created stylised feather designs, but many of his textured surfaces and pieces are inspired by nature.

Nick Arnull’s nesting boxes feature a tearsdrop design and are designed to fit inside each other, just like Russian dolls.

And lastly, have a look at Jack De Vos’ seed pod.

Also, don’t forget that there is a wide variety of woodworking shows coming up, including the WL West show, the ISCA Woodcrafts show and Weird and Wonderful Wood.

We will bring you more information regarding these shows in future blogs, so keep a look out.

Happy turning,


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