An Arduous Task


Mark Baker

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It’s always a pain being out of the office for a couple of days during the week and then playing catch up with all the messages and emails that build up. Couple that with a looming repro date for the next issue of the magazine and my being on holiday next week – it all adds to the fun. You all know I love it really but I do get frazzled at times. I have, much to people’s amusement, used the phrases ‘…it’s like juggling water’ or ‘herding cats’.

Next week I"m not going away, but instead replacing a 50ft flat roof run which is on our single storey house extension. It predates our buying the property and the roof is at least 25 years old, and to put it bluntly is leaking like a sieve. The temporary repairs held for quite a while, but it’s time to bite the bullet and deal with it properly.

So a friend and myself are going to start on it on Saturday, and hope to have it finished by the following Saturday. I do hope the weather is good or I will be in deep doodoo. Of course, there are the new building regulations regarding insulation to deal with, so the roof will be considerably higher after it is finished. No problem wit that, it’s just another thing to look at. I don’t mind the extra insulation as it will cut down on heating bills.

The garage – which forms part of the extension – is my workshop and a water-tight workshop is a must. During next week I must also replace the fence which came down when I removed the trees in the garden and the arbor. I know, I wanted another workshop, but I lost out on that discussion.

I am at the South East woodworking show on 31st March and 1st April so do come along and see us on the GMC stand. The show features the likes of Stuart Mortimer, Bill Prickett, Jennie Starbuck and Brian Partridge, but there’s something for everyone regardless of preferred woodworking discipline.

I know my workshop at home is quite large in comparison to those of some of my friends’ and there has been a lot of chatter on the Woodworkers Institute regarding workshop, space saving and so on.

I know that whatever the size of workshop, we always want more tools, space, storage etc. but would we do any more work in it than we currently do? Now there’s a question. The desire to have more of any of the previously mentioned things is not necessarily going to be backed up by having more time or inclination to do more. If I was teaching now I would follow up that last statement with the comment, please discuss.’

Whilst I’m away I will leave you in the very capable hands of Tegan. That said, if anyone wants to come and give me a hand with the roof and fence, please let me know…

Have fun,


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