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Mark Baker

Thursday, February 24, 2011

There are a lot of calls to the office recently about shows and what ones people are going to; it is that flurry of activity before spring is over and the summer starts. That reminds me, I have to clear up the garden this weekend, to let all the new growth come through the debris that has built up over the winter. Don’t berate me, I know I have left it too long, but the green shoots are coming through and there are loads of buds on my acers.

Anyway, back to shows. I have said that I will be on the GMC stand at the South East Woodworking show in Kent on 1-2 April, as well as The Yandles Spring Show on 8-9 April. I look forward to seeing you there. It would be good if you can give some feedback as to what you want to see at shows and what the main reason is as to why you attend them. Some are saying they are going to see so and so or such and such tool, whereas others are just going to have a look around.

I am after some timber and I will update you as to why in a few weeks’ time… A new venture that I think you will find to be a lot of fun and something you will no doubt rib me something chronic about for a very long while if I fail at it. But for the moment mum’s the word.

I am off now to sort out the hire car and will be back in the office on Friday.

Bye for now,


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