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Mark Baker

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A common discussion amongst woodworkers in general is other people’s workshops. It seems we all take vicarious pleasure in seeing and knowing what sized workshop others have; the kit people are using; how they set up their workshop, and strangely, how clean it is or isn’t. I must admit to being like a kid in a candy store when I am in workshops. Each is like an Aladdin’s cave with various treasures and surprises. There are numerous threads on the site about people’s workshops and what they are doing to them etc. and it would be good to see more.

Have a look at Walter"s Workshop and the reader"s showcase threads on the forum.

The show season is upon us and we have 3 coming up very quickly. These are the Get Woodworking Show, the South East Woodworking Show and Yandles Spring Show.

I hope to be visiting the Getwoodworking show, at Alexandra Palace, on Friday 11 March and will be at The South East Woodworking show and Yandles on The GMC stands for the full duration of each, so please do come and say hello.

It’s interesting to note that we have just under 12,000 members on the forum and the numbers of pages and unique visitors goes up month on month, but still very few post anything on the forum. We have a lot of shy people about it seems!

Here are some stats for you:

1. We had 68,120 visits to the site last month with 43,000 of those being unique visitors

2. 575,125 pages were looked at which 8.44 was the average number of pages viewed per visitor

3. 4.31 is the average amount of minutes each person spends on the forum

4. People from over 159 countries look at our site over last month. Some of the countries are Andora, Paraguay, Burma, Malawi, Zambia, El Salvadore, Guam, Nepal and Bolivia.

We truly are a worldwide community with a common desire to learn.

Have fun!


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