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Show Anticipation


Mark Baker

24 February 2011

There are a lot of calls to the office recently about shows and what ones people are going to; it is that flurry of activity before spring is over and the summer starts. That reminds me, I have to clear up the garden this weekend, to let all the new growth come through the debris that has built up o ...

Website Recomendations?


Mark Baker

18 February 2011

Spring is upon us and looking out of the window of the office I can see various gardens and a park. It is wondrous to see the trees budding, and the fresh green flower shoots sprouting from the earth in readiness for what promises to be a glorious display. There is a delightful display of snowdrops  ...

Discovering New Turners


Tegan Foley

15 February 2011

Hello, everyone. I report from a rather damp Lewes, but it’s nice to see that the mornings are getting lighter and the evenings are drawing out, albeit slowly. We have been spring cleaning the office and feeling a little cheerier! Have many of you been tidying up your workshops and turning some new  ...

An Online Community


Mark Baker

10 February 2011

A common discussion amongst woodworkers in general is other people’s workshops. It seems we all take vicarious pleasure in seeing and knowing what sized workshop others have; the kit people are using; how they set up their workshop, and strangely, how clean it is or isn’t. I must admit to being like ...

New Things In Woodturning


Tegan Foley

8 February 2011

Hi there, I thought I would say hello again as Mark is out and about visiting a manufacturer. Well, all is busy as normal here and I have lots to catch up on after being ill for the majority of last week. Issue 224 has just hit the streets and is proving to be a success so far. Nick Arnull tells me  ...

Woodturning Through The Ages


Tegan Foley

2 February 2011

Hi everyone, Despite being ill (again) I’ve had a good day so far and it started with me receiving some great new pieces of work from some new woodturners, so thanks to all of you who have been sharing your pieces with us. I’m looking forward to working with Andrew James of Wye Valley Woodturning an ...

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