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Merry Christmas From Woodturning!


Tegan Foley

23 December 2010

Hello everyone! Just a quick note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from everyone here at Woodturning magazine (well Mark and I!). I’m sure many of you will be busy in your workshops over Christmas, and as always, do feel free to share what you have made with us. You can do this by either sendi ...

Merry Christmas


Mark Baker

21 December 2010

That funny white cold stuff is still with us and is causing some problems with travel etc. I do find it strange that even after all these years of us having snow that we are unprepared, but hey, a white Christmas is likely to be on the cards for many of us. I just hope people can get about and stock ...

Last Minute Dash


Mark Baker

16 December 2010

That time of year is almost upon us and people are in a rush to buy. I have seen them on the news scurrying around various shops, looking at what they might get for someone, and I wonder how many will spend far more than they intended or wanted to as a result of this holiday season? I know that I en ...

Christmas Deadlines


Mark Baker

10 December 2010

The weekend is upon us and the tightening time schedules of the Christmas deadlines are in full swing. I have almost finished my Christmas shopping and will likely finish that off this weekend. The items I was scheduled to turn are almost finished – two more to go and that is only the final sanding  ...

Looking After Your Finishes


Mark Baker

7 December 2010

The snow is going, or gone for some, but it is still cold and I had one chap tell me that he picked up a gouge in his workshop with damp hands and the blade stuck to his hand momentarily. There are limits to one’s passion for turning but also where is the heating? There must be some form of heating  ...

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