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Mark Baker

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I had an interesting weekend in as much as I, or rather, Tony Walton, removed some beech trees from my garden – long overdue for getting rid of – and then horror of horrors, the pergola that was near it had to come down too. This is the one that I wanted to remove to make way for the new workshop – the one from long running discussion I have mentioned.

I honestly found that it was rotten and being supported by the trees and the wisteria and clematis, so I had no choice but to have it cut down too. So what started off as a two-hour job ended up as a full day with a huge bonfire at the end of it. The ash pile is still hot even today and all this happened on Saturday.

It’s strange how much light is now coming into the garden; I will start planting some Japanese flagpole cherries soon so we have some tree line, but they won’t spread too far and impinge on anything or anyone else’s garden too much.

So, I guess the discussion will come again as to whether I get the workshop, or is it to be a summerhouse? Let the battle commence…

Although I am away now at various shows and events, when I have another weekend off in four weeks’ time I have to install a new fence. Deep joy! I think concrete uprights, 12-inch high concrete kick boards and then slot in the new panels - simple and effective.

I note on the forum that many are working on workshops at the moment.

They are our place of solitude and creation and are very personal to each of us. I often wonder what size the workshops are that people work in. Mine is about 20ft x 11ft – a single garage in fact. Suffice to say that I want my workshop to be bigger.

At the end of next week, I will be at the Harrogate show, but there are also many exciting shows coming up next year including the South East Woodworking Show and the Yandles Spring Show. We will bring you more details of these very soon.


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