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Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello again!

Well, today is the day that the North of England Woodworking & Power Tool Show starts, so I imagine many of you are there already and picking up an odd show discount or two! Mark is there as I write this, giving demonstrations throughout the weekend and also meeting up with some our contributors and advertisers on the magazine.

Today is all about proof reading for me and getting as much ready for the next issue as possible. If any of you are reading these who are members of a woodturning club, then please do send me your diary dates for 2011 if you haven’t done so already. The diary dates are put online each month, so you can still access these and attend all the events that are happening in your area.

This weekend is all about relaxing for me and I must say that I’m very much looking forward to it. I will be doing the odd bit of Christmas shopping tomorrow, but other than that it will be spent generally not doing very much! I have to admit that I am very excited about the new Harry Potter film coming out and I will be watching that on Sunday. Exciting!

Lastly, I would very much like, if possible, to get 250 Facebook followers by Christmas. I think this is a realistic number as we already nearly have 230. We have over 300 people following us on Twitter, which is really great news.

So, as always, if any members of your family, friends, colleagues etc. do not already know about the Woodworkers Institute, then please send them the link and get them to ‘like’ our page. This would be a fantastic achievement for us and I’m very confident we can get there, but we need your help!

Thank you all in advance and I hope you all have a great weekend. I am really happy today as I have just received a lovely gift from one of our contributors – a segmented pen pot. I love it! It means that my desk is now tidier and it also gives me something lovely to look at!

Speak to you all soon and do let us know what you turn this weekend or how you got on at the show.


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