Office Birthday!


Tegan Foley

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good afternoon, everyone!

I hope you’re all well? I am reporting from a very blustery Lewes, East Sussex. It is a pretty grey day, but I am celebrating my birthday today so I enjoying being spoilt by my friends and work colleagues! I have already eaten lots of chocolate today as well as having indulged in a celebratory glass of wine at lunch time!

People in Lewes are very much getting geared up for the bonfire celebrations tomorrow, whereas I am dreading them (despite my birthday being the day before!) We do get to finish work early tomorrow though, so I will be rushing home and turning the television up loud to drown out the loud noises!

I am helping out on another of our woodworking titles at the moment, Furniture & Cabinetmaking, so I am learning quite a lot of new terminology, which is good. Of course, it is very different to woodturning but it is handy having some kind of experience as far as woodworking is concerned. I am still unsure what a dovetail is but all of the items in the magazine are absolutely stunning and I would gladly have them in my home!

I just found out this week that there will be a new woodworking show for 2011: The South East Woodworking Show, hosted by Nelton Exhibitions. This new show will take place from 1-2 April at the Kent Showground, in Maidstone. The demonstrator list looks impressive and already boasts the likes of Stuart Mortimer. We will be bringing you further details when they are made available to us.

I am pleased to say that we’re ahead on the current issue and all is looking pretty good for issue 223. After all, Christmas is only 7 weeks away so we have a lot to do before we can go on our holidays!

I hope you all have a great weekend, whether you’re attending firework displays or taking some time out to turn some projects. I will be relaxing and enjoying a weekend away!

Hope to hear from you all soon,


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