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Tegan Foley

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I’m afraid it’s me again as Mark is on his way to the Yandles Autumn Show, as we speak. I wonder how many of you will be going – I imagine quite a few! This show is one of the most infamous of all the woodworking shows, and is a great excuse to pick up the odd bargain! Mark told me that he is very much looking forward to meeting some of our readers, as well as answering any questions you may have.

I am currently correcting proofs for issue 220 – almost there! The sun is shining and it is almost the weekend, so I can’t really complain! I have Nick Arnull’s next article to sub this afternoon and a book review to write on a wonderful new book from the Smithsonian Art museum. The book looks at the Bresler Collection and is filled with iconic pieces of woodturning that span many years.

Also, I have a goal! I want The Woodworkers Institute to have 200 followers by the end of September. We currently have 187, so I don’t think the task will be too difficult, but it will be a major achievement for us if we can make it. Are you all in? So, tell your friends and family, colleagues and associates about the page and get them to “like” us. The page is updated at least four times a day and makes sure you are kept up-to-date with everything that’s happening on all of our woodworking magazines.

I must extend my thanks again to all those who are already following us, but if we could have a final push to get 200 people that would be fantastic!

Also, is there anything you would like to see on the page that we are not already featuring? I would love it to be more interactive, i.e. people posting photos of their latest work, or commenting on some of the posts. This is your opportunity to tell us what you do or don’t like!

The same goes for the magazine. What do you like, or don’t like? Is there anything you’d like us to cover that we aren’t already? We do take all comments/criticism onboard and we like to think that the magazine is better as a result of this.

So, your challenge for the weekend is to sing the praises of the Woodworkers Institute and together I’m sure we can make the big 200! Remember: facebook.com/woodworkersinstitute!

Have a great weekend,


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