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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I don"t know about you but I do struggle at times with trying to solve problems. I am working a piece for many months now trying to solve a couple of technical issues of balance and so on and I am, assuming everything works out, going to call the piece Sanctuary. If it all works out I will explain the whys and wherefores of that title, but at this rate, I will call it Perplexed or Mark’s Bane.

As you know with my job and flitting around all over the place visiting here and there, workshop time is precious and as mentioned before, I do not get enough workshop time as it is, so any I get is a bonus and much treasured. I do not get enough time to work out all of the ideas I have in my head, and feel as though that all pervasive creative desire will just disappear because I do not do it justice through lack of time. Time is needed to fully evolve or work the ideas through. Oh to be a Timelord!

For those venturing to David Bates"s show tomorrow, I will see you there.

There are two shows on this weekend:

Springfield"s Events Centre

Friday 11th - Sunday 13th June 2010

Springfield"s, Camelgate, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE12 6ET

Tel: + 44 (0)1775 724843 or 44 (0)1775 713253 (24 hour answer phone)

Website: www.wws1.co.uk

And also:

Stiles & Bates June Show 2010

Friday 11th and Saturday 12th

10am until 4pm both days

Website: www.stilesandbates.co.uk

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