A wonderful symposium


Mark Baker

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I’m tired today. This is not really surprising as I have just flown back from the recent AAW Symposium. I flew out last Thursday and got back yesterday midday(ish) and then went straight to bed. I don’t sleep on planes and have to admit to being out of synch body-clock wise. I was fit to drop when I got back. Anyway, the event was quite simply brilliant and by that I mean the feast of things on display in the gallery and special exhibitions and the demonstration rotations – although it was mind-boggling as to what ones you choose to go to. I know of some people spending over and hour trying to work out which rotations to attend – there were lots to choose from.

The chance to talk to people is a real treat. To ask people about their work, their thinking behind it, etc. is a fantastic opportunity. The exchange of ideas, thoughts and experiences was fast flowing and a real thrill. My mind is still abuzz and I am trying to make sure that everything is written down – some hope with that – there is no way I can remember everything.

I have to admit that it was great seeing so many people from the UK at the symposium. I shall obviously reveal more in the magazine and also photos at a future date will follow online.

It’s repro tomorrow so I must dash and play catch up on what needs tidying up before I get caught up with more visits at the end of the week.

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