One of those days!


Mark Baker

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Every day brings new challenges. I think today counts as one of those days! Even though it is early, I think there is not going to be enough time and I am already teetering on the point of being somewhat annoyed. This is a bit below the ‘annoyed’ stage, which in turn is a tad below the ‘why do I bother’ stage. I think this one is fast approaching. There is another one a bit higher up called the ‘I have had enough and it is not worth it’ stage, but that is rarely reached. It’s funny how we all have days that just do not go as planned and when it starts all we touch thereafter turns to rats - it just throws everything out of whack. It started with my car flashing all the engine management lights and every other light that is possible to light on the dashboard. One would think that it was going to explode. Well, I will find out in a couple of days when they can fit it in. I got an “Ooooh, interesting, but don’t drive it at all,” comment from the garage mechanics, who went on to say that it could be anything. As soon as I heard that it is likely to cost me dearly, it started to slide from there really.

So, at the moment, I am at my desk writing an article on using gilt cream and liming wax and trying to bring order to the plethora of pictures taken. It is always interesting in trying to make sure that the most appropriate images are picked to convey the message, but remembering one can’t always assume prior knowledge on the part of the readers of the process being covered. So there you go, that’s the start of the day to present and I think that if nothing else it is going to be interesting.

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