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Without car


Mark Baker

25 February 2010

I am in Ireland from tomorrow until Saturday. I am without car at the moment and have to rely on public transport to get too and from the airport and possibly also to work if not fixed very soon. I would like to use trains more often, but they are expensive. OK, before anyone bites my ear off, I kno ...

One of those days!


Mark Baker

24 February 2010

Every day brings new challenges. I think today counts as one of those days! Even though it is early, I think there is not going to be enough time and I am already teetering on the point of being somewhat annoyed. This is a bit below the ‘annoyed’ stage, which in turn is a tad below the ‘why do I bot ...

The sanding debate


Mark Baker

18 February 2010

I was involved in a conversation the other day about the methodology we use when sanding. So you have by now deduced it was amongst a group of turners, as any other group of people are likely to talk about sport, holidays, family and other subjects. But when a group of turners get together, then it  ...

Trip to Germany


Mark Baker

16 February 2010

Last week I went on a trip to Germany to see a manufacturer, in my capacity as Group Editor – a very worthwhile trip I must say – to see new products, how they came into being and them then being open to questions – hard nosed ones as well at times – from various sources. It was a pain to be caught  ...

Hello from Tegan!


Tegan Foley

11 February 2010

Hello all! Some of you may already know me as the Deputy Editor on Woodturning magazine, but others may not. To all those who don’t, hello and welcome! This is actually my first blog post as Mark usually take the reins in providing you with what’s going on in the world of Woodturning. But, seeing as ...

Germany beckons


Mark Baker

9 February 2010

I am away for the next two days in Germany visiting a manufacturer and looking at new products that are suitable for some of the magazines within the woodworking group. It is always a balancing act as to making sure that I have done everything needed to make sure there is no glitch of my making whil ...

Where do people get their inspiration from and ideas for their work?


Mark Baker

4 February 2010

I am mindful of a conversation a while back during a demonstration whereby someone asked “Where do people get their inspiration from and ideas for their work?” It is a valid question and some of the club members joined in and chewed it over a while and the consensus was that a lot of them had the sk ...

Circumstances beyond our control


Mark Baker

2 February 2010

I was at the West Northants woodturning club on Saturday and what a lovely club it is – excellent venue, friendly and fun. That said, it was the journey from hell. I set of some 4 hours before the meeting, for which was just under 150 mile journey, only to get caught up in a major traffic jam before ...

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