Of all the places!


Mark Baker

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It is a strange world when one walks down the street and goes into a random café and sees a person reading Woodturning magazine. I only noticed once I had ordered the necessary ‘big boy’s’ breakfast, otherwise known as a coronary on a plate or a cholesterol surprise, but I did, and it was what I really wanted. Oh, I forgot to mention I had an extra hash brown as well, yum yum! Anyway, as I sat down with a glass of apple juice, a coffee and a newspaper, as I waiting for the food to arrive, I looked around. I always do, I want to know who is in the room, and to see what they have and what they are doing. I must admit to being a people watcher – part of my training when teaching special needs with limited verbal communication – it is something that comes automatically now. I bet most people do likewise without thinking about it, too. Anyway, it was while I was looking around the room that I saw this chap reading. I craned my neck a little to see what it was and lo and behold, it was Woodturning magazine. I must admit to a wry smile appearing on my face – of all the places to find someone reading Woodturning! It just goes to show that we woodturners get everywhere.

It was about this time that the breakfast arrived: 2 sausages, 3 rashers of bacon, 2 slices of toast, baked beans, a tomato, 2 eggs and 2 hash browns, I asked them to hold off on the mushrooms …excellent it was too!

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