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Mark Baker

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I have just got back from a week’s holiday with my family. We managed to visit a few places and it coincided with one of my daughter’s birthdays as well, so it was a welcome break. That said, I found myself pondering a few things connected with work. I am one of those people whose mind doesn’t seem to ever stop. I have commented in threads that I read a lot when working away in order to focus on something else and I also play a game online which is very involving and is a good social thing for me, too. I read four books whilst on holiday and bought a further six, and yes, I still found time to do other things as well.

I think I am one of those people who always has their brain working on, or mulling over something. I get frustrated when I can’t work out the potential variables and the resulting benefits, risks and pitfalls of something. Don’t get me wrong, I like to relax in front of the TV watching something and have this annoying ability - well my wife says it’s annoying - to focus so intently on something that I am oblivious to some things that happen around me. Yet, I am also told I miss very little of what is happening or going on…go figure. I have decided I must be an enigma.

We are all different and it is that uniqueness that makes us all so interesting with different aims and aspirations. I know that whatever we pursue in life means some frustrations, anxiety, annoyance, pleasure and joy in various measures.

I am always fascinated and intrigued by the pictures, e-mails and postings on the forum I see and, therefore by default, share in what people are doing and what they are up to. Voyeuristic? Of course, and I know we all love seeing what others have, are, and will be about to do. Hearing of people’s plans and thoughts is a real treat. There so is so much talent, ability and passion and what is produced never ceases to amaze.

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