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Photography angst


Mark Baker

20 August 2009

Having been in the workshop the last couple of days working on projects and photo shoots for covers, products and techniques, I am reminded that taking photos of work is not easy. We have a photography studio and steel at times is very difficult to photograph correctly. Have the lighting slightly wr ...

Daily stresses


Mark Baker

11 August 2009

As I wade through the current work load: planning meetings, design discussions, photo checking, workshop photo shoots, etc. I am mindful of the fact that despite the relentless deadline schedule, and liaising with the various people and organisations that are necessary to bring about the magazine, I ...

Planning ahead


Mark Baker

4 August 2009

As I go into another meeting to look at what happens and is being featured in future issues of the magazine, I inevitably wonder what is likely to occur in the 3-6 month period we look at. Are there seasonal things that need to be included? Are there new products due for launch in that time frame, a ...

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