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Hollow forms and finishing


Mark Baker

28 July 2009

I am unsure why, but this month we have seen an increase in the amounts of calls requesting information/articles on how to use hollowing tools and what finishes to use for certain jobs. Because there are so many products within these categories both subjects are likely to cause vexation for those ne ...

The Power of the Internet


Mark Baker

17 July 2009

The Internet is becoming an ever-increasing resource in an era where our mentality is one where we want everything now. It is fast and often efficient, and as long as you key in the right words you will get taken on the correct route. The other day my daughter was heard to mutter the words: "I want  ...

It's all fun


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

3 July 2009

I have just returned from the AAW symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a long way with connecting flights, but well worth it in terms of seeing what is occurring and catching up with people I see only once a year or so. A report of the 2007 AAW event in Portland Oregon can be found on the we ...

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