Turner's block


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

Friday, June 19, 2009

A recent thread on the forum made mention of whether there was a thing such as turner’s block, a play on writer’s block. We know that writer’s block is where one cannot get a chain of thought going or even a complete stop in coherent thought processes, and being able to put these on paper. I know something similar happens with turners. In amongst the numerous conversations, I am told that people sometimes struggle to go in the workshop and be creative. I guess we all have days where the inspiration just doesn’t flow. I have plenty of days like that and as such just do something else until I feel as though I can be creative again.

I think with writers - myself included - it is interesting trying to work out what to say, when to say it, when to expand upon something and what to leave out. The amount of red ink that is used is vast, and then after that we find something was omitted/removed that shouldn’t have been. D’oh! Much scratching of head ensues and I lose a few more precious hairs from my balding pate.

Does inspiration always come? No. A lot of what is written is sparked off by enquiries, conversations and requests from yourselves. Some we can readily integrate, others take a little longer to work through. By having these conversations, working through things and developing items is that much easier. The friends and community of like-minded people often provide inspiration or a germ of an idea.

One item that constantly amazes me during the course of corresponding or conversing is that there are various phrases or words used around the world that I have not heard of. These refer to an action, process or product that we already use or do. Having readers around the world, we are increasingly encountering the differences in terminology, especially with finishes and other such materials. The global net is also making such differences more apparent and wider known. The world is changing, but one thing is certain: no matter where one is in the world, everyone has writer’s or turner’s block at sometime in their lives. It’s how we deal with it that is the fun part.

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