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Off on my travels


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

24 June 2009

I am about to set off for the AAW symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With it being a long haul flight with a connector aside, I spent a good 20 minutes or so trying to find which terminal the flight departed from as I am leaving from Gatwick and there is a North and South terminal. The finding ou ...

Turner's block


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

19 June 2009

A recent thread on the forum made mention of whether there was a thing such as turner’s block, a play on writer’s block. We know that writer’s block is where one cannot get a chain of thought going or even a complete stop in coherent thought processes, and being able to put these on paper. I know so ...

Overcoming problems


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

11 June 2009

Life is a strange thing. One minute you think you have something pinned down and then you realise that it wasn"t at all. I use the phrase "it"s like juggling water!" The kitchen is a bombshell: the electricians and plumbers have been and gone and will come back once other things have been do ...

An eventful walk


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

2 June 2009

The time was about 12:15am and I was trundling along the back streets of Lewes, a strange and curious historic town with a castle, Anne of Cleves house, the Grange and old timber-frames aplenty. It does have one downside in that there is very limited parking for those requiring a long stay at an aff ...

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