Bank holiday ruminations


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I took a breather this weekend and spent time with my family. OK, my eldest daughter was out somewhere or other and I worked at the Surrey Association of Woodturners on Sunday, which was great fun, but it is more time with the family than I normally get. The weather was good on a bank holiday for a change, and we were back indoors before the heavens opened with rain, thunder and lightning.

It is interesting to note the passing of time with my youngest daughter. The eldest one is out in the adult world now, in and out of jobs and so on, but my youngest one at 14 is developing at quite a pace. She is certainly style conscious and has developed a very sharp eye for detail, habits and traits and is, like me, a people watcher. She misses little and comes out with little gems every so often, Her latest was: “Dad, you have grey hairs growing out of your ears.” So I guess, were I not more or less bald, I would have them on my head too. It was very funny considering we were having lunch in a restaurant at the time.

I think like most children, they develop strategies for wrapping parents and grandparents around their little finger to achieve the desired result of obtaining this, going there or otherwise scoring brownie points for use later. My daughter makes me laugh so much and she certainly has me sussed.

The kitchen refit was not worked on this weekend; I must admit it is turning out to be my nemesis. I shudder and break out into a cold sweat when thinking about it now. I would love to have been able to pay someone to do it, but funds would not allow. Every time I think I have pinned something down, something else comes and bites me or needs doing as well. This weekend is a full on attack: skips, electricians, and whole-scale mayhem, no doubt. Now all I need to do is phone the plumber and all should be right – I think... It should be fun at least.

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