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Bank holiday ruminations


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

27 May 2009

I took a breather this weekend and spent time with my family. OK, my eldest daughter was out somewhere or other and I worked at the Surrey Association of Woodturners on Sunday, which was great fun, but it is more time with the family than I normally get. The weather was good on a bank holiday for a  ...

Renovation upheavals


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

15 May 2009

As I write this I am pondering having to fit a new floor in the lobby through to the kitchen we are working on. The work on the kitchen has started and the non-load bearing wall has been taken down - what a mess that created. The brick dust was worse than wood dust. One door has been blocked in and  ...

Weekend weather


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

5 May 2009

As I am putting to bed an issue of the magazine I am also working out what I am going to do when I get home this weekend. I hope not a lot. I am at the Garden of England club on Saturday, but other than that wish to do nothing but relax in the garden. It promises to be nice weather so I should be ab ...

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