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Have fun turning


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

23 April 2009

I am mindful of the fact that I have not been home to see my family for the last 14 days, having been away at work and also travelling up north. I thoroughly enjoyed my visits to the Northumberland and Border woodturning clubs last week and this week I am at David Bates’ show and at the North Wiltsh ...

Rhubarb and muffins


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

15 April 2009

I am always amazed by spring and what it brings us. The weather was variable over the bank holiday, but then I have come to expect nothing less. I notice my wife has bought some rhubarb plants: they are growing at quite a pace and I haven’t a clue what to do with them. Frantic reading is necessary t ...

A look to the past


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

2 April 2009

It was about two years ago I wrote the following leader, and it is interesting that I find myself receiving calls and chatting to people who are saying similar things. It seems that much in life is cyclical. The blackbird and robin are still going head to head in my garden. The robin is currently wi ...

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