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The future of manufacturing


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

30 January 2009

The doom-mongers amongst us are more or less flagellating themselves and wearing coarse-hair shirts proclaiming the end of the world is nigh. But in amongst this and all the pessimism and resulting pain of the current climate there are - as with the place I visited - pockets of excellence, optimism, ...

Managing my time


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

22 January 2009

I have mentioned in threads and blogs elsewhere that I would love to learn to be a Timelord. It is well known that I travel a lot, and some say I have developed a “stealth cloak” - one minute I am at my desk, the next I have gone! Others call me the Scarlet Pimpernel, but all acknowledge I manage ti ...



Mark Baker (Group Editor)

13 January 2009

As we near the 200th issue - a milestone in publishing terms! - we have the daunting task of trying to put something special together that celebrates all that is good in woodturning. Your thoughts on this would be very helpful, so we"ve set up a special thread on the forum for you to tell us jus ...

New year, new blog


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

5 January 2009

I’m back at work now and playing catch-up with the things that have built up during my week off. That is the price for daring to take a holiday, but it is worth it though! I must admit to having slacked-off during the break. I went into the workshop once during my break and that was not for turning. ...

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