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Have a great holiday!


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

24 December 2008

Well, the condensed deadlines for the magazines that go to reproduction over Christmas have caused a flurry of activity and will make today’s deadline. This flurry also occurs when we try to take time off for a holiday, and so on at other times during the year too. One definitely needs to be able to ...

Christmas conundrums


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

18 December 2008

Eeek! No woodworking for me this weekend. Demos have finished and despite my protestations Christmas is upon me and I cannot escape it. I have to go shopping on Saturday. Oh heck, actually I can trade off 1 hour shopping – my wife has done most of it after all – as I only have to buy presents or my  ...



Mark Baker (Group Editor)

11 December 2008

I must admit that this week has been a bit of a blur. Christmas is looming and we are trying to have some holiday during that period, so we are all on a spurt to have everything to ‘reproduction’ by Christmas Eve. The print presses stop for no one and the deadlines still have to be met. Some of thes ...

A dose of realism


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

2 December 2008

I went to the Harrogate show recently and found it to be a direct contrast to some of the woodworking shows that have recently occurred, in as much as it was very busy. My colleague attended the D&M show and it too was busy, as was the Yandles show in the spring. Some others that have occurred recen ...

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