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Bah humbug?


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

25 November 2008

Christmas is looming and once again I am not sure what to buy for people, or what they have bought for me! The credit crunch is biting hard, and in truth I would rather go “bah Humbug!” and would ask for it all to be cancelled. All the commercial trappings of “buy this”, “I want that” and so on and  ...

Personal spaces


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

20 November 2008

I was on a photo shoot yesterday with a turner who is being profiled in an upcoming issue of the magazine. While looking at the work and taking the relevant shots, I noticed how myself, Tegan and Anthony Bailey were all looking at different areas and items. Features to me are somewhat voyeuristic. I ...

Judge not lest ye be judged


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

11 November 2008

I am being cheeky with this blog, as I am using the post I made in this thread by Dave Atkinson as the main body of it. However, I think that it is worthwhile flagging up the subject again here for those of you who may have missed it in the forums. Any competition attracts entries, but some greater  ...

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