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Shows and shavings


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

30 October 2008

Over the last two days I was at the W8 exhibition and Interbuild at the Birmingham NEC and it was a very interesting experience. On the one hand there was the machinery aspect (W8), which was quite sedate and refined. Lots to look at, from the fully automated units aimed at furniture manufacturing c ...

Oh, the joy of a day off


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

21 October 2008

I am a happy man! After 5 weeks of what seemed like non-stop travel, demonstrations and shows, I got to have a day at home with the family on Sunday. Just to be able to sit down and take some time to relax was an immense pleasure, albeit a brief one. I was also able to go to the cinema with my wife  ...

Shows on the decline?


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

15 October 2008

Having just attended the Midlands Woodworking Show (and being part of the GMC team there) it was a great experience meeting with attendees and readers who came along. The amount of questions asked indicates enquiring minds and a desire to learn. Pepe.joyce commented in the forum, "I was just thinkin ...

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