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Community spirit


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

30 September 2008

I am in awe of how far turners are prepared to travel in order to attend symposia or open days and shows. It seems the desire to learn and share is most active and coordinated within the world of turning and carving. It is one of the reasons these two disciplines have very coordinated clubs and foru ...

Oh, the pain!


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

24 September 2008

This week is somewhat hectic. On travelling to Belgium, I had an accident in the car and for the last week have been car-less! It is a most unusual situation in as much as I never fully realised how much I rely on it. I have had to cancel a demo - well, reschedule - causing angst and consternation o ...

Creative destruction


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

16 September 2008

The first week of the website being active has been somewhat hectic. There have been the usual technical hitches and so on, but hopefully these are being sorted out as soon as they become apparent. I, and no doubt many others, are being bludgeoned into learning how to fully interact with websites an ...

And we're off!


Mark Baker (Group Editor)

3 September 2008

Well, if you are reading this it means that our website is up and running and you have found it. It is my sincere hope that you find our website helpful and that you find the articles and forum of help. We will of course be uploading many more articles over the coming days and weeks and will have a  ...

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