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Wood Carving

Issue 158 marks the 25th anniversary of Woodcarving magazine and features writers Dick Onians and Chris Pye, who wrote for the first issue, reflecting on the changes that have happened in the world of woodcarving since 1992. In ‘Features’, Dave Western examines the extreme lengths to which lovespoon carvers will go to stand out; Johan Roudy explores the influences on French carving since the Revolution; and Anthony Bailey talks to master carver Roy James Martin. Our ‘Techniques’ and ‘Projects’ sections give you much to try, with Murray Taylor giving an introduction to the art of chip carving; Peter Benson discussing how to use and sharpen V-tools; Steve Bisco explaining how to carve a Classical scallop shell dish; and Marc Cotterill demonstrating how to make a duck-headed walking stick. In our ‘Community’ pages we bring you news and events from the woodcarving world, and our ‘Kits & Tools’ section showcases the latest tools, machinery and products to meet your carving needs.

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