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Thursday 5 November 2009

Ian Edward's profiles the Black & Decker Powerfile, a very handy tool for the woodcarver


The Powerfile is one of the most useful power tools I have used for carving. It can be used for shaping and sanding of broad and fine details. In short if you do not have a Powerfile in your kit, you are missing out.

The Black & Decker KA293E Powerfile is an ideal candidate, with its belt being only 13mm (1/2in) wide, making this tool excellent for fast material removal in confined spaces. It has a variable speed to suit all applications for controlled work (No load speed 900 to 1,400rpm).

With the appropriate belt, the Powerfile can also be used for cleaning and sharpening metal tools.

Build quality

For an entry-level power tool, the Black & Decker Powerfile does not sacrifice build quality. It is sturdy and robust, and all moving parts seem to be strong and well manufactured. Also something to be considered is the colour which makes it very high in visibility, which is of great advantage in a production environment.


The Black & Decker Powerfile is lightweight, well balanced, and comfortable, meaning that you can easily use this tool for extended periods of time whilst retaining maximum dexterity. The Powerfile is smooth to operate and vibration from the motor is minimal, enabling you to move around your piece with a precise fluid motion.


The Black & Decker Powerfile is good value for money and is fit for woodcarving purposes, and would be a worthy addition to any carver's tool kit.

I myself use one on many of my projects featured in Woodcarving, finding it to be a versatile and efficient tool for roughing out small to medium sized carvings.


This product is still available if you dig around on the website but it has now been replaced by Black & Decker with the KA900E. This newer model comes with all the great spec that the earlier model boasted but with the addition of a cyclonic action dust canister, designed to collect dust and keep your work area clean. Available from most good stores such as Machine Mart for about £58.

Tegan Foley

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Black & Decker KA293E Powerfile
Price: £49.99 inc VAT
Power: 350W
Voltage: 230V
Speed: Variable
No load speed: 900 to 1,400rpm
Belt width: 13mm
Belt dimensions: 451 x 13mm
Belt tracking: Manual
Dust extraction: Integral
Paper size: 451 x 13mm
Cable length: 3m
Includes: 13mm straight arm
Contact: Black & Decker
Tel: 01753 567 055