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Wednesday 16 July 2008

Michael Burton puts this two speed bandsaw through its paces


This model represents the largest and most powerful of a trio of Ryobi bandsaws aimed at the smaller-scale trade and DIY user. All are very reasonably priced considering their sturdy build, quality of components and cutting power. The solid feel and weight of this one does certainly inspire confidence.

Getting ready

It arrived almost ready to go, but of course, fine-tuning any bandsaw is extremely important. With the machine disconnected - a no-volt release switch prevents accidental restart - I set the upper guide to 150mm (6in) above the table and adjusted the tension of the blade with the knob located on top of the upper cabinet.


The blade should move to the side no more than 6mm (1/4in) with reasonable finger pressure, and sit centrally between the rubber 'tyres' of the upper and lower wheels. To achieve this, I turned the upper band wheel by hand and turned the tracking knob clockwise to move the blade towards the back of the band wheel; turning the tracking knob anti-clockwise moved the blade to the front. The precision tool-less roller guide system was perfectly set, not actually touching the blade but as close as.

Tungsten carbide thrust bearings should also ensure a good long life.


Many straight cuts later, using 19mm (3/4in) hardwoods and some ply, a heap of curved cuts and even a circle or two indicated that this machine could cope readily with the workload.


I would certainly be happy to use this machine in my small workshop.

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"I would certainly be happy to use this machine in my small workshop"

The Numbers

Ryobi RBS-5518 305mm Bandsaw
Price: £293.74 (inc. VAT, correct at time of publication)
Cutting capacity: 180mm (7in)
Throat capacity: 305mm (12in)
Max cutting height: 180mm (7in)
Table tilt: 0-45 deg.
Table size: 425 x 548mm (16 3/4 x 21 1/2in)
Input: 780W
Weight: 75kg
Included as standard: sliding mitre fence, rip fence, circle cutting guide, 15mm (9/16in) blade
Optional extra: Base

Circles made simple with this cutting guide

Contact Details

Contact: Ryobi
Tel.: 01628 894400