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Wednesday 3 December 2008

Mark Baker takes a look at this deluxe starter carving set


Flexcut has provided a set that will cater for the carver wanting many options from power to hand carving - the SK108 20-piece starter carving set. This is probably the only carving set one need consider if venturing into carving. Develop a little more in your skills and you may need one or two extra tools, depending on what you do.

Flexcut tools are renowned for their edge-holding abilities and are, to the best of my knowledge, the only manufacturer to cater to such a wide extent for power and manual carving techniques. This set was tested out over a few months of quite heavy-duty treatment by both carvers and turners, and was not found to be lacking in any way.

Handles and blades

The choice of two different-sized handles provides ample choice for manual carving. The blades are standard SK fitting, and they can simply be pushed in or pulled out as necessary. The larger handle, with its special insert, can be hit with a mallet when massive power cuts are needed. The SK fitment also means that they will fit into many reciprocating power carving handles, though an adapter fitting may be necessary depending on the carving unit used.


I think this set represents excellent value for money and will provide a lifetime of quality use to the owner.This boxed set of 16 individual SK profiles - not available in any other sets - comes with a choice of two handles together with a cutting knife and slip strop with compound for sharpening the blades.

Woodworkers Institute

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"The choice of two different-sized handles provides ample choice for manual carving"

The Numbers

Flexcut SK108 20-piece Starter Carving Set
Price: £137.50 (inc. VAT, correct at time of publication)
In The Set:
ABS quick-connect handle & longer handle
Cutting knife
Flexcut slip strop with compound
16mm chisel
5mm skew chisel
6mm & 22mm No.3 sweep gouge
3mm No.5 sweep gouge
12mm No.6 sweep gouge
6mm, 10mm & 17mm No.8 sweep gouges
14mm No.9 sweep gouge
5mm & 12mm thumbnail gouges
4mm 45 degree V-tool
7mm 70 degree V-tool
22mm back-bent gouge
Smaller sets are available from Flexcut in the SK range

A Nick Agar sculptural work using the Flexcut carving tools

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