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Thursday 26 February 2009

Mark Baker tackles power carving with the latest carbide coated wheels

Saburr Power Carving Wheels

Power carving, depending on differing points of view, is either a Godsend or the spawn of the devil, mainly because of the noise and dust generated require careful extraction and personal protection, which does not fit into the traditional view of hand carving. I favour the use of power carving from time-to-time as it allows me to get to a route quicker, and enables me to work large items and remove waste timber far more quickly than you can by hand. To this end, these Saburr Power Carving Wheels enable the user to rapidly remove timber using either a 4in angle grinder or mini grinding attachment, be it from Arbortech or the mini grinders from Proxxon.

Variety of cuts

Available in coarse, medium and fine, and in sizes 50-100mm, the multi carbide burr cutters will allow heavy-duty cuts, through to fine finishing, depending on the grade of disc chosen.

None of these discs were developed to create fine detail - for that, one has to resort to hand carving techniques with hand chisels to create fine detail should you require it.

If you need to apply final stage finishing to your cavings, then you probably need to use appropriate abrasives.

In use

In use, theses discs are efficient, fast and easy to use. Periodic checking for clogging is necessary and should it be needed, a bronze brush rubbed over the burrs will soon remove any debris.

These are heavy-duty units designed for both hobbyist and professional usage. Whilst the colour will eventually wear away from the carbide, I have not found this to colour leach onto the timber so far.


Although I haven't had the opportunity to test these cutters for long, I have been able to use them on a variety of timbers from hardwood to softwood, some of which have been very resinous. They had done everything they have been asked of and I am sure they will last a very long while.

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"These power carving wheels enable the user to rapidly remove timber"

The Numbers

Saburr Power Carving Wheels
Prices (inc. VAT, correct at time of publication):
50mm: £36.50
100mm: £54.75

One of the discs in use

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