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Thursday 1 August 2013

Australian woodturner and carver Neil Turner shares a piece with us made from Australian sandalwood

When I carve it's always on a turned form, so finding this piece of Australian sandalwood, a beautiful honey-coloured aromatic timber, was wonderful. I had visions of a large vase form that could then be carved. On closer inspection the piece was hollow and almost in two, a victim of termites. I discarded it for a time, thinking that it was of little value.

After reading an article on Michelangelo, he quoted, "In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to other eyes as mine see it." This stimulated my interest in exploring a three-dimensional fire form using the outside shape as a guide, creating extra dimension to give a random swirling movement. Now carved in two parts they had to interact and not look out of balance when placed in different arrangements. I enjoyed the opportunity to explore this extra dimension in my carving. This was about the wood guiding me, giving me direction not forcing my interpretation upon it. You can see more examples of Neil's work by visiting his website.

'Two Piece Fire', sandalwood, 300mm high x 350mm wide (PHOTOGRAPH BY NEIL TURNER)

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