Mark Baker

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

There is satisfaction in a job well done. I get a sense of achievement and joy when things go well. Of course the flip side is that I get miffed when they don't. That is soon reversed back to sense of accomplishment when I solve the problem or rectify the error. I admit that some of my best sense of achievement is usually as a result of having solved a vexing problem.

Carving whether power or by hand is a wonderful thing to do. The joy of making cuts cleanly, in the right place without effort is truly something that I think many people should have the chance to experience. I don't care what the project is or what size it is. To take a bit of wood and make a cut, then another in a controlled manner is something woodworkers look forward to and rightly treasure.

Pic credit Mark Baker

Picture credit Mark Baker

I know a carver who, when he is stressed, picks up a chunk of timber, takes a knife and whittles the wood away to almost nothing. He shaves off little or large bits as he chooses with beautiful slicing cuts. Once he is back to being happy and had a cup of tea, he carries on with what he intended to do. So for him, making nice clean cuts is therapeutic.

I often wonder if all the hubbub of daily life and the need to do this or that is all truly necessary. I won’t know the answer to that until I try and find out what can be removed without any major deleterious effects, but apart from the obvious necessities of earning money to pay the bills, I am seriously looking at targeting some things and seeing what happens if I don’t do them.

I truly wonder how many things we end up doing once or twice and which then become habit rather than being absolutely necessary. There is a comfort in habit and routine and it is not always easy to shed that blanket of certainty. I will let you know how I get on, but if I do not do something to clear some time, I will never get that long list of house repairs, things to make, places to visit and such like crossed off my list.

Let me know what you have been making.

Have fun.


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