Christmas is nearly here


Mark Baker

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Autumn is here and there is a rush of people getting back in the workshop after summer holidays and other ventures. After the summer people want to spend time in the workshop, often trying to get things done for Christmas. Looking at the attendance of shows and club meetings, and through conversations with people, there is no doubt that for many this is one of the most productive times of year.

It also sees the last of the main shows occurring this side of Christmas. The North of England Woodworking show ( is the largest of its kind in the UK and is now in a bigger hall, which is easier to get around and has room for even more visitors and exhibitors. The line up this year looks great and I will be there, so do come along and say hello.

Last year’s stand from the British Woodcarvers Association had displays of work by Conniscliffe and the Cleveland Clubs

There is so much to see, from new kit and machinery, to demonstrators, manufacturers and retailers, not to mention meeting up with friends, that it always makes for a busy and interesting event. If you are anything like me you might not be able to resist the lure of buying things; there is always something else that I find is useful in a workshop.  

So, on to the subject of Christmas. What are you making or working on at the moment? I know that people make a lot of fun, whimsical things and tree ornaments and we normally see a lot of items that are knife-carved. I am intrigued as to what I will receive from people. Last year I received a nice carved spoon, a pen and a box. I have yet to receive any whimsical items like snowmen or santas, although I do have one given many years back.

Let me know what you are making.

Have fun,


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