Knife carving

Mark Baker

Friday, February 3, 2017

A while back I touched on the subject of carving and commented that there is a large growth in the popularity of power carving and also knife carving. This upward trend continues at a pace and I have loved seeing what people are making. Power carving is quick, but of course there are the issues of the how one deals with the dust and such-like produced. One definitely needs an area to work in that is appropriate and where it is possible to don and install the right protective equipment to deal with dust and also the potential chips and debris. Space is also required to store the various bits of equipment required. Knife carving, however, does not require a lot of kit. Many knife carvers use one blade. OK, those more advanced and adventurous as to what style of knife carving they tackle end up buying more specialised knives over time, but the truth is that much can be done with one knife. Also, one does not need a lot of space to work in, it can be done in a living room, at a dining room table and the few chippings and mess can be cleared up easily with a brush and dustpan or a vacuum cleaner.

Knife carving has been a staple of crafts for millennia and its growth in popularity is much deserved. It is low cost, lots of fun and many things can be made with this method and one can progress in complexity very quickly after learning a few basic but fundamental cuts involved. I am glad that this and power carving is growing in popularity. Anything that gets people carving is a great thing and I will do all I can to encourage and support such growth.

Let me know what you have been making lately.

Have fun,


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