Mark Baker

Monday, February 20, 2017

Whether you carve classical items from statuary to ornamentation, caricatures to animals or fish, whether you carve using hand tools, knives or power carving tools, the primary reason the majority of people carve is for fun. Yes, we may have a bias to carve any of the above or something completely different but we are all seeking that wonderful thing of our own, with our own two hands, working on something in rough form and creating something that we can hold, touch and feel and the end of it. Whether it is your first or the umpteenth item you have made, that sense of achievement is always there. Yes, some projects may vex us, cause us to scratch our heads and upon reflection, we may deem that we have a way to go yet to get where we want to be, but that sense of satisfaction and of achievement is something that is indefinably yours. You made it and the achievement is still yours even if you did have help with instruction. That will carry you on to explore new things and as your skill level increases, then it becomes easier but we get more critical of our work, picking up on things that we would have been happy to do some weeks, months or years back. This is a natural process, but that sense of achievement never diminishes. Be critical of one’s own work, but not so much that the fun goes and you feel as though you are getting nowhere. If you ever get to that stage, look back at what you have created and you will see how much better you are now and remember, you made something or things that you and others can treasure.

Have fun and let me know what you have been making.


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