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Mark Baker

26 July 2016

It’s quite interesting when an update design-wise and article-wise occurs in a magazine. We know that personal tastes are highly subjective. We also know that not everyone agrees on what they want to see. One also faces the issues of what colours work for people, what size font they want to be able  ...

Need something?


Mark Baker

19 July 2016

I was having a chat with a friend of mine the other day about a problem they had in the house, where they needed a specific item to solve the problem. It was something they wanted dealt with quickly and I said that the item they needed was available nearby, but they retorted to my comment that it wo ...

Areas for consideration


Mark Baker

6 July 2016

I have been pondering for a long while on various conversations of what people want from the groups, organisations and events they go to and there seems to be four common areas from all the conversations: Information: People want clear concise information that helps them work better, solve a problem ...

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