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Mark Baker

23 June 2016

Turning and carving have a natural symbiosis with each other. It is evident that many turners also carve or ‘enhance’ their work with carved detail and the carving community comprises of a lot of people who carve turned work. They may or may not do the turning part themselves and that should not mat ...

Your work


Briony Darnley

17 June 2016

As Mark is away this week I have the chance to tell you in this blog all about a wonderful email I received a couple of weeks ago! It was from a new reader, Wendy. She had been in touch to tell me how much our magazine has helped her and led her to creating a beautiful trophy piece... her very first ...

Criticism or critique?


Mark Baker

1 June 2016

Quite a few people have spoken to me regarding a comment I made in my blog posted 6 May, 2016 where I said: "The problem I have is when someone appears to deem one form of carving better than another." Apparently, some people have gone down a given route and style of carving they like and have had p ...

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