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Members Choice


Briony Darnley

29 February 2016

For this blog I really must refer to our Members’ Choice post, from Friday 19 February. The pick was a wooden wallet, carved by our Forum member, Monkeybiter. I was immediately struck by this realistic carving in lime (Tilia vulgaris) as during my time working here, I find myself drawn to the realis ...

Tool sharpening


Mark Baker

8 February 2016

I was doing a bit of chip carving the other day, trying out something someone had shown me and it just didn’t work right. I was following the person’s instructions to the letter and it took me a few minutes to work out that I had inadvertently created a nasty radius on my knife when honing it. I nor ...

Leader response


Mark Baker

2 February 2016

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me regarding my latest blogs and comments in Woodcarving magazine. Your feedback is always welcome, and it helps to keep me up-to-date with what is happening and how people are feeling about certain subjects. One subject people are talking about is that of a l ...

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